My daughter is married to that cricketer: Former Pakistan cricketer

KARACHI: Wedding bazaars are set to kick off soon at the home of former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi. Last March, there were rumors that Shahid Afridi, the eldest daughter of Shahid Afridi, was going to Shaadi for Pakistan young cricketer Shahin Afridi. Shahin Afridi's father Ayaz Khan went to Aqsa's house and talked to him.There were also articles in various magazines that both families had agreed to their marriage. However, Shahid Afridi never responded. But recently Shahid Afridi reacted for the first time on his daughter’s wedding.
My daughter's wedding is going to be with Shahin Afridi soon. The two families have already discussed this. But it is a lie that my daughter Aqsa and Shahin had a relationship before this proposal. It is a marriage that takes place with the consent of the elders. Shahin's father could not deny when my daughter came home and asked if he wanted his daughter-in-law.However my daughter is studying Aqsa Doctor .. .. wants to go abroad soon. Shahin also focused on his career. So Nikha thinks the two have settled down in their careers .. Both families have already agreed to this. Put a check on the rumors that have come up so far. ''
Shahid Afridi, meanwhile, is just emerging as a key bowler for Pakistan. Shahid Afridi has so far taken 58 wickets in 17 Tests, 51 wickets in 25 ODIs and 27 wickets in 25 T20s for Pakistan. Shaheen played with Afridi in the 6th season of the Pakistan Super League, which was postponed to Corona. Shaheen represents Lahore Culanders .. Shahid Multan represents Sultan.